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Finnish sauna - a bath of dry heat when the air has a low humidity at 10-25% and a high temperature in the range 90-110 ° C. It is alleged that the coverage by the heat in such a sauna and this is more than its edge. The value of the sauna as a means of tempering and health are well known and widely used by the population. The most pronounced effect of sauna has on heat transfer, circulation and function of the autonomic and central nervous system. Procedure sauna has diverse effects on the cardiovascular system. Admission sauna stimulates the endocrine glands are functionally related to each other and regulate the activity of many body systems.

Infrared sauna - this cabin, made of natural wood, inside which there are special ceramic heaters that emit infrared (heat) waves. These waves usefully penetrate into the human body and transmit a large amount of heat (up to 80% a considerable depth, markedly improving the general condition. Feature infrared sauna that despite heating of deep body temperature inside the cabin does not exceed 40-60 ° C. (For comparison - in the sauna at a temperature of 100 ° C, the human body is warming up only a few millimeters).

The deep penetration of infrared waves contributes to efficient heating of muscles, bones and joints, stimulates blood circulation and removes toxins from the body. Regular half-hour sessions IR warmings in such cabins reduce blood cholesterol levels, reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, heart attack, has a positive effect on the normalization of blood pressure, improves blood circulation and supply of organs.

Numerous studies of infrared cabins in different countries have shown that they produce on the human body effective healing effect, and in the most unexpected areas. Doctors say that infrared cabins have no contraindications and are suitable for people of any age.

According to the description of the ancient Greek historian Herodotus, baths Scythian tribes resembled the yurt. Related upper end of a pole snug wool felt. Middle put the pot of water and threw it in the hot stones.

Some American Indian tribes to the present day use room, which is a cone-shaped low hut, inside which the land is recessed, and in the middle there is a hole for the hot stones. Stones heated in the fire, then they raked in a hole in the tent and sprinkle them with water. This method is widely used among tourists and people working in expeditions (geologists, builders, etc.).

It is believed that comfortable baths built in the Ancient East - India, China and Egypt. Scientists say that in ancient Greece physician Hippocrates half of patients prescribed bathing procedures. After the conquests of Alexander the Great in ancient Greece, and later in ancient Rome spread east type baths with hot surfaces.